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takeoff hill mum
takeoff hill house
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Creators of Adventures

Welcome to Ballistic Moon.
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He was gone.

All we could do then, was wait.

We lost contact.

After a few short minutes, he was transmitting from...

...somewhere new.

The screen burst to life.

That's when the adventures began.

His voice rang through the room:

"Mission Control ... ... Let's Play".

The experience took us somewhere else.

Somewhere magical.
Moon base 1 Moon base 2 Moon base 3

Our brave


needed us.

Map image

We leapt ravines.

Climbed mountains.

We were running low on air...

...we thought all was lost...

Then we heard the key in the door.

key mist key mist 2
House astronauts House astronauts 2
House dust House dust 2 House background

Welcome to our Worlds

Why Ballistic Moon?

Experienced innovators with rock-solid foundations, our proven track record allows our collaborators to expect the incredible, on budget and on time.

Undefined by any genre, we deliver amazing ideas into practical reality, with a hand-picked collection of individuals with complementary strengths that set us worlds apart.